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  • Why am I getting a bill from you as well as my utility?

    Community solar subscribers receive two monthly bills. The utility will issue you a bill each month for their energy minus the value of the Nexamp community solar credits. Nexamp will then invoice ...

  • How am I saving money?

    Once the solar farm goes live, your savings begin in about two-three billing cycles. Your reserved share of the solar farm earns you energy credits as it generates power. These credits are automati...

  • What is community solar?

    You subscribe to a share of a local solar farm. The solar farm feeds clean power into your community’s electric grid while earning you energy credits. As our solar farm begins feeding clean power i...

  • How do I get started?

    The best way to get started is by visiting our community solar page and entering your zip code. We will ask for either your electric account number or a full utility bill, depending on your utility...

  • When does my farm go live?

    At Nexamp, the timing for when our solar farm goes live can vary greatly depending on your state, utility, and assigned solar farm.  Since reserving spots on a solar farm can be competitive, we of...

  • What are your rates?

    Nexamp offers a Community Solar program and does not act as a supplier. Since your utility is the one to value and apply the solar credits to your bill, Nexamp does not charge a fixed rate per kWh ...

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